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The Fourth Foundation is…Up-Level Your Skills

Did you know achieving a goal creates dopamine in your brain, which is the “feel good” hormone?

No matter how much action you’ve taken…

You don’t get that feeling of accomplishment if you don’t measure.

And there’s more than feeling good at stake.

A study at Stanford examined peoples’ reactions to methods of measuring and monitoring goals.

They discovered the mere knowledge that you’ll have to keep track, changes your behavior.

Without measurement, you miss ultra-important data and feedback on your efforts.

You end up clocking insane hours because you use busy-ness as a yardstick for effectiveness.

(And it definitely isn’t.)

Focusing on busy work never makes the cash register ring.

Instead, focus on the two essential areas of proficiency where you need to up-level your skills.

First, (you guessed it) up-level your skills in measurement. 

Like I said, measurement matters.

Too many entrepreneurs are worker bees at their companies instead of the CEO.

To get out of this trap, you need to measure…a lot.

This is where the up-leveling comes in.

Sure, we all know the basics of measurement.

But to excel in your business, it’s imperative to measure and actively track everything.

Yes, I mean everything.

If you do it, track it!

And track it visually.

Don’t keep it trapped on your computer.

Put it on your wall so you can see your progress.

Make a chart. Or a graph. Or anything that motivates you.

And put it in a place where you are forced to stare at it.

Keeping your tracking top of mind means you are more likely to keep up on your measurements.

Second, up-level your deadline commitment.

The second indispensable skill is committing to deadlines.

Most entrepreneurs hate deadlines.

They think deadlines mean they are no longer free to do whatever they want.

I always say that structure allows for freedom.

If you have no structure you are hemmed in by too many possibilities.

And, working on a deadline changes our language in an interesting way.

We shift from a place of possibility (no certainty that it will happen)…

To one of necessity (no question that it must happen).

Creating deadlines is a mind game that psychologically rockets you into motion.

Without clearly stated timeframes, items stay on our to-do lists for years.

If you want a life of freedom, flexibility, and fun…you need to measure and use deadlines.

Next week, the final foundation! Set Your Accountability.

Until then…stay passionate!

P.S. If you haven’t read the first three foundations, you need to check them out: Clarify Your Vision, Create Your Plan, and Shift Your Perspective. You need all five to keep your business stable.

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